Why (And When!) Did I Start Taking My Own Art Seriously?

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I 'think' I might be art?

O level Art was the only exam I passed at school.  Mind you, the Art ‘O’ Level was the only exam everyone passed, well, apart from RE!  For whatever reason I didn’t do anything creative for quite some time.

I was on holiday in Cyprus (what a bloody coincidence?).  I took Roy Jenkins’s biography of Winston S Churchill with me.  It’s still widely regarded still as they most accurate and insightful look at the man.  Therefore it did look at his passion for oil painting which for some reason gave me the idea to try oils and on returning home bought the kit (AL the gear AND no idea!) and also joined at Drawing & Painting class at Havant & South Downs College.

Unfortunately, it was mainly drawing (a weakness of mine still) and I wasn’t allowed to use oils, because of fucking Health & Safety and the thinners!  However my Tutor, a rather Bohemian chap who I won’t risk naming even at his late juncture, let me use them a few times despite the H&S Nazi’s.