I suffer from insomnia and if you think that’s an ‘old person’s’ thing, then I was old at 27.

Last year I saw a documentary about the Vietnam war.  As I was very young at the time, born in the USA but living in the UK I have vague memories of black and white BBC News footage, so I rarely don’t watch a documentary about the Vietnam war if one is on.

Watching the documentary it struck me how the war footage was all in black and white, and I mean all of it, or at least 97% of it. As the war progressed, public protests did too.  However, what struck me was all of the footage of ‘Hippies’ and ‘Flower Power freaks’ was in colour.

So, I painted the Hippy-Copter.

Best Defence Budget Bucks ever spent, should they choose to buy it off me?