My daughter brought my three grandchildren down to see us this morning and along with the sunshine, the time in the park and having such fun with them definitely made it the perfect start to the perfect day.

After they left I crashed and burned.  They wear me out at the best of times but I’m still recovering from moving house and having radiotherapy at the same time, not a smart move.

Later I went down to the slipway to sit and soak the sun.  As usual, a few mates were downoil,paint,painting,acrylic,art,artist,artwork,create,creative,landscape,portrait,impressionist,impressionism, pre-raphaelite,artistic,Land art,portsmouth,hampshire,uk,ed,tackas,art,paint,painting,oil,acrylic,impressionists, artist, there, I got the gossip on the local fishing spots and relaxed and watched the world go by.

A mate appeared and showed me a leg.  It was wedged between the fishermen’s tenders that are chained against the railings.  Then he pulled out another leg and Torso(??)

No question about it, I had to have them.  God knows what for but I soon thought of filling them with stones and using them as doorstops.

My wife suggested we use it as a weird kind of visitors guest book, so I took them home and within an hour the first local straggler walked in and we christened it.

Not sure how it will look but I’m not to worried as I can always paint over it.



oil,paint,painting,acrylic,art,artist,artwork,create,creative,landscape,portrait,impressionist,impressionism, pre-raphaelite,artistic,Land art,portsmouth,hampshire,uk,ed,tackas,art,paint,painting,oil,acrylic,impressionists, artist,