After a 14 month wait, the house my wife and I have been hoping to rent finally came up. Long story but in short, the house had everything we were looking for so it was worth the wait.

We were so desperate to move out of our little 1 bed flat and have enough room for our eight grandchildren to stay that even when the moving date was put back a week which meant the week we now intended to move not only clashed with me starting a week of radiotherapy after over 5 years of sporadic chemotherapy peppered by 3 operations, but my wife and all of our friends who volunteered to help were not available now! So it was down to me and my wife after she finished work every day.

Week one consisted of radiotherapy from Tuesday to Friday, all luckily in the morning so I had the afternoons to move house which luckily was a whole 500 yards down the road which meant I could load up two suitcases on wheels and trudge up and down the street all day every day moving the whole lot 2 cases at a time.

My Plan A failed.  I borrowed one of those metal cages the Co Op across the street get all the deliverers in but rolling it down a cobbled street loaded up with our worldly possessions wouldn’t endear us to any new neighbours, so after a couple of trips I took the cage back and used the suitcases.

Week one did end on a slightly humorous note.

On Sunday afternoon, for one reason or another, we could do no more.  Whatever needed doing couldn’t be done until another tasks was completed first but that couldn’t be done…. and so on.

So as it was sunny and hot, it got to about 1pm so my we went and sat down on the slipway to relax and enjoy the sun.

Five minutes after settling down on a blanket with a drink, a mate, with a fishing boat moored up asked if i wanted to go out with his and his dad, shoot his nets and then relax and with fish with some rods for a while. My wife literally said, ‘Go on, fuck off and enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it. So I did.

Half hour later, we’ve loaded up the boat and head out, still enjoying the sun.

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Messing about on the water.

As soon as we got set up and had the rods set up, the sun went in, it got bloody freezing cold and I thought to myself I’ve stitched myself right up here.  I’m on a boat with two fisherman and I’ve either got to grin and bear it or sound like a complete girls blouse and ask if they can take me home. I opted to stay quiet and freeze.

Ten minutes later, they’re getting jumpers out and my mate said, give it half hour and we’ll head back.  Thank god I thought. But it was a nice way to end the week.

Week two started with the final radio session. Oh Joy!