No, not exactly. This is a painting of mine that hangs in a very dear friends flat.

John is a very decent chap and always a welcome visitor.  He has the knack of walking in at precisely the right moment. For example, I’ve been in and out of hospital recently and a few days ago I was home alone, listening to my favourite playlist and painting. 


About lunchtime John walked in, and yes, that’s what I love, he does just walks in and put’s the kettle on as if we’ve been chatting for ages and he’d just nipped to the loo.  I can’t fathom why, but if anyone else did it, I’d become incandescent!

My reaction even surprised me (it’s not often I suddenly find myself in one of those perfect moments of solitude), I was very pleased to see him. He had arrived at the perfect moment when I’d reached a natural break painting and was now in the mood for good company.

He does it time and time again, just when I fancy a game of Backgammon, who walks in? My Backgammon opponent.

Anyway, he was telling me a bit about his family background one night and as he was redecorating he wanted a large painting for his flat, a ‘statement piece’ relevant to the period in his life we’d been discussing.  At this time I was drinking heavily and when he left I grabbed a big canvass and set to.  

Within a day or two John came round to see it and thankfully he absolutely loved it.

It’s a very pleasant feeling when you hand over a painting and you know it’s being warmly received.  A very satisfying feeling indeed.

What did surprise me was, that now some two years later, John redecorated his flat again and sent me this photo and the feeling it gave me to see it in place was just as satisfying as handing it over in the first place.