In 2017 it seemed like every time I picked up a brush, disaster followed and I just stopped painting.  After about a year of continuing to watch art programmes, looking at art, thinking about art, a trip to Bath inspired me and I started three new paintings.  All of which are coming along nicely and I’m very happy with.

Prior to the Bath trip, Id decided at the end of 2017 to do 52 pieces during 2018 (I can take FOREVER to finish something) and not all paintings.  I want to improve my drawing.

My first, in more than ways than one, was the piece of street art, Free Toast and a while back my step-daughter was having her roof retiled with slate, so I gathered some broken bits and I’m making this for my grandsons bedroom.

It’s not really my cup of tea, a bit too seaside-village type of art and it’s taking longer than I thought as I neglected to allow for a longer drying time as it’s oil on slate.