I’d be interested if you agree with me on this, but it only struck me the other day that golf is very much like art and for some reason I imagine not many artists are interested in golf and to be honest neither am I.

All my mates who played golf seemed way too serious about it! Where’s the fun in that?  However, the mains reason I took it up was for the exercise and clients use to invite me on corporate days and I always felt guilty declining their kind invitation.

To me they seem similar in that both can be addictive in my opinion and, if you’re an artist

who’s never tried playing golf properly, one day you’re on fire and the next day you can’t even mix paint, let alone get in on a canvas and resemble anything.

I never played golf long enough to become even mildly proficient but it was just the same to me.  One day I could make a golf ball bleed, the next time, diabolical.  Very frustrating indeed.

Anyway, that’s been on my mind as a piece that might attract your thoughts and I would be interested to hear of your think the same?  There’s a Comment box below.